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30 Jan 2024 - ExamSoft/Examplify login Issue

If you are being redirected to the ExamSoft home page ( upon clicking the login button, please clear your browser cache (select 'All Time'), close the browser (including all open tabs), re-open it and attempt to login again. For detailed steps, please refer to this user guide

Alternatively, turn on Incognito mode in your browser and try again.

For Examplify login, do not use the 'Copy Link' button. Select and copy the text in the box using shortcut keys (Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C for Windows, Cmd+A and Cmd+C for Mac) and paste the text into a new incognito window.

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If you require technical assistance, please visit

  1. Click on the Login button under Exam Takers and login using your NUSNET ID and NUSNET password.
  2. Choose National University of Singapore - APAC (nus) from the list of institutions when you register for Examplify.
  3. Please use laptop instead of iPad for assessments with essay questions and non-secure block internet assessments.
  4. If your current OS is supported, DO NOT upgrade your OS (especially to a beta version) before your exam.
Internet Explorer is not a supported browser. We recommend Firefox or Google Chrome for the best experience.
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